Welcome to loopi: Our team, our mission

We're a diverse team of people from different professional backgrounds who work together to make sure everything about your subscription runs smoothly. We're making loopi the type of company we always wanted to work for.

Our motivation comes from the need to bring about fundamental change and make the world a better place.

We are committed to ensuring that consumer goods are produced ethically and sustainably to provide a better future for our children, our society and our planet. This responsibility is the driving force behind our service and products.

Simone Köchli
Customer Service

Simone has the overview at all times and makes collaboration between everyone a breeze.

Chantal Lisci
Marketing & Communication

Chantal is great under pressure and effortlessly juggles multiple projects at once. If she can't get it done, no one can.

Ali Herold

Ali leaves colorful marks everywhere she goes and is always up for a joke. She is a seasoned mom who has survived the early years of parenthood.

Mirco Egloff
Business Development

Mirco enriches our team with energy, humor and incredible optimism and more recently – with new parent expertise.

Remo Mathys

Remo's profound expression always knocks our socks off every time he speaks, which is also reflected in his daily work.


Marco Tramontano

As the daddy of a young daughter, Marco is at the start of a very big journey. But he's well prepared for it, having spent his entire professional life developing products for kids, parents and smart mobility.

loopi Kinderwagen Abo Hintergrund mit grauen Formen 2 loopi Kinderwagen Abo Hintergrund mit grauen Formen 1

The loopi project

To perfect our service, we are currently developing our own recyclable stroller, tailor-made for subscription and circular economy.

Nice to meet you!

You have questions, suggestions, want to work with us or just want to say hello? We are looking forward to your message.

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