loopi Voucher

loopi Voucher

Regular priceCHF 1,200.00
per month
  • Home delivery and pick-up
  • Flexible
  • Unlimited guarantee
  • Better for the environment

Do you want to make it easier for your loved ones to get started with a subscription model for strollers? With a loopi voucher, the selected amount is credited to the recipient after the order. Subscription fees only apply once the credit has been used up.

The subscription offers our selection of premium strollers at a fixed monthly price, so your lucky loved-ones can choose the model and color for themselves.

For example: CHF 1200.- corresponds to 2 years with a Bugaboo Fox 3 (our top all-rounder) completely carefree, what more could a person want?

We will send you the voucher home as a card including an envelope so that you can give it your personal touch before you hand it over to the happy family. Need it fast? Then get in touch with the confirmation email and we will send you the voucher digitally!

Questions? Send us an email here