The stroller subscription for more flexibility

Families grow and your stroller needs change with time. With a loopi stroller subscription you can easily exchange your stroller after just six months.

Your advantages

Grows with your family.

Strollers starting at CHF 24.-/month.

Unlimited warranty, totally carefree!

Subscribe instead of buy

Bugaboo - Donkey 5
CHF 59.- / mo.
Thule - Urban Glide 2
CHF 49.- / mo.
Thule - Chariot Cab
CHF 59.- / mo.
Bugaboo - Butterfly
CHF 24.- / mo.

How loopi works

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Simply choose the right stroller for you - with or without accessories. You choose!

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There's a 6 month minimum duration subscription, after that it's flexible by the month for as long as you need it!

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Simply exchange your stroller when your needs change, or send it back when you're ready to continue your adventures on foot.

Overwhelmed? Here's what our customers say:

«Baby products are only used for a very short time and it doesn't make sense to keep buying new stuff. That's why we think ideas like loopi are great.»

Cheryl E.

«We are totally happy with the stroller and, above all, that we have chosen loopi. The flexible subscription now saves us money, time and our nerves.»

Thomas Bachmann

«We really wanted a way out of buying a mountain of children's stuff. Really refreshing.»

Emma L.

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