How many strollers do you need? Many! Stephanie tells all.

Bugaboo Kinderwagen von Stephanie

In our current series of "Parents' Stroller Stories" we deal with the topic of how expectant parents find the right stroller and whether the right one even exists. We benefit from the valuable knowledge of experienced parents. Today Stephanie tells how she managed the pram maze.

Stephanie, tell me, why did you get all worked up about prams?

We used our heads and asked ourselves questions first. Where do we mainly move? In the city? In the forest? Rather tram or off-road? However, it didn't help much. So we googled. Studied ratings and asked friends for opinions. “Three wheels for the tram are tedious. It's always a balancing act with the stroller." or "Does it fit in your car and is it easy to handle?" It went like this for three months. The sheer variety of options can be extremely confusing. We have certainly invested a total of 20 to 30 hours in this "pram treat".

Unbelievable! Where did you find it?

I found all my prams on tutti, ricardo and Co. It took a while, but actually worked out quite well. In the end we bought a Bugaboo Cameleon with a child seat - occasion. With a bit of luck we only paid 600 francs. Bugaboo is very easy to care for and has many spare parts, which is why second-hand is so expensive. We only needed the baby shell for a short time. I carried the child most of the time. So the baby bowl mostly spent time in the basement. And it also took up so much space. Super annoying.

How annoying, and then?

With the second child, a ride-along board came into the house. After four to five months, shortly before switching to the sports seat, we wanted to change the stroller again. There was an occasion Britax Go. The reclining position of the seat and plenty of space for shopping bags convinced us. Now, of course, the Bugaboo had to be sold, which fortunately worked out. It was pretty easy for us, but it's an extra effort. Most recently there was a buggy in our pram family. Small, easily foldable and light. But that was actually just a holiday solution.

Oh yes! There was also a bike trailer. Bought new this time. A Leggero Vento and I still need it.

Wow, you spent some Francs there. your conclusion?

We mainly used the bicycle trailer heavily. Unfortunately, our buggy spent most of the time in the basement. Britax and Bugaboo were somewhere in between. Britax and Buggy were in the basement for about 3.5 years after use. The baby shell even longer. And all of this stuff takes up so much space. I'm glad the time is behind me.

Stéphanie (37), Mila and Elice's mom, would choose loopi today.

How would Stephanie have benefited from a loopi stroller subscription?

Most obviously, Stephanie would have benefited from the fact that the loopi stroller and all the accessories really only stay with you as long as you need them. Gone are the days of rotting prams in the basement. This is not only a plus point for loopi for people with a need for order. You can also save a lot of money this way. Each occupied seat costs money, even if you don't receive a paper receipt for it - you pay for it.

With loopi, you no longer have to trawl through tutti and ricardo or communicate with a number of people before you receive your beloved pram. From the first to the last stroller, home delivery, pick-up and exchange is flexibly included in the subscription.

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