Bugaboo Butterfly: Stylish and practical in the city

Kinderwagen Bugaboo Butterfly in der Farbe olive grün aufgeklappt und zusammengefaltet

If you're looking for a stroller that's not only practical but also stylish, you should take a closer look at the Bugaboo Butterfly. The ultra-compact stroller was developed specifically for use in the city and is a real eye-catcher.

In this blog post, we've briefly summarized the highlights for you. But we'll tell you the best detail right now: The city runabout is of course also available in a convenient loopi subscription hihi and that already for CHF 24.- per month. Yup, a real bargain.

Easy to fold
The Bugaboo Butterfly folds with just one hand and is extremely space-saving. With its dimensions of 45x23x54 cm it fits in the smallest trunk and can even be taken as hand luggage on the plane.

Comfortable for your child
The Bugaboo Butterfly offers your child a comfortable and soft seat that is forward facing. This allows you to explore the world together. The backrest is infinitely adjustable and the canopy protects your child from sun and wind.

With a weight of only 7.3 kg, the Bugaboo Butterfly is one of the lightest strollers on the market. You can therefore easily carry it over longer distances or take it with you on public transport.

Stylish and practical
The Bugaboo Butterfly is available in various color combinations (at loopi it's available in classic black) and will certainly attract attention. Under the seat is a spacious shopping basket, in which you can store everything you need for a trip to the city. When you fold the stroller, the shopping basket remains accessible as well.

Our conclusion
If you are looking for a stroller that is not only practical but also stylish, the Bugaboo Butterfly is an excellent choice. With its ultra-compact design, comfort and lightness, it's the perfect companion when you're on the go. The Bugaboo Butterfly is another example of Bugaboo's commitment to quality and design and is sure to delight parents and children alike.

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