How much does a stroller cost and how can you save money?

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Save money with the stroller subscription and enjoy even more flexibility? You also benefit from an unlimited warranty and free delivery and pickup. You also do something good for the environment. But why is it cheaper to subscribe to your stroller instead of buying it? And why does "subscribing" have little to do with "renting"?

To answer these questions, we first need to clarify one more question: How long and how many strollers do you need?

How long do you need a stroller?

Until when does my child need a stroller and when is he ready to explore the world without it? Is there a universal answer to this question?

Regardless of whether it's a station wagon, buggy or stroller - in the beginning, the stroller plays an important role in everyday life and is a constant companion. However, as soon as the children become more mobile, the role of the stroller recedes into the background. Bike trailers, running bikes and scooters may become current or the adventure continues on foot.

But when exactly this time comes varies from family to family and cannot be predicted. To illustrate, we've gathered you a few answers from a parenting forum:

"It depends on the child. My little one, now 18 months, eigtl. never needed one. Doesn't stay seated. When she doesn't like to walk anymore, she wants to be carried. My big one didn't want to stay seated from about 15 months either."

"Mine was in the stroller until 26 months. He would have stayed in there until the end, but have now switched to a stroller due to pregnancy. He still sits in it now at 2 1/2 from time to time but wants to be carried a lot"

"I have two - a stroller and a buggy and my daughter hates them both. Now she is 20 months old, I can only get her in there with persuasion and ONLY when we go swimming or to a big park. Otherwise, he is absolutely taboo even for shopping (have him certainly ne week not used because she wants to do everything alone....naja must sell both probably soon has no point ...)"

As you can see, the statements are completely different. Even worse, studies show that most parents can't get by with just one stroller. The needs that the different models cover are simply too different. What's more, the circumstances and demands of life with a child are constantly changing. In other words, the question of "how long" is not the only one parents have to ask themselves. But also:

How many strollers do I need?

We wanted to know exactly and conducted a survey with 143 parents. 53% of all parents said they bought more than one stroller. But what are the reasons for this? Here are a few answers we received:

"If the child can walk but not yet travel long distances, a lightweight, wheeled stroller is handier than a combination stroller."
"The children have a small age difference and a sibling stroller was most practical for our two children."
"First stroller was too heavy and bulky, not suitable for travel and city visits"
"Quality / area of use changes with the age of the child and with the rest of the mom (jogging and such)"
"The different areas of use. 1 "normal" for everyday use (shopping etc), 1 stroller for traveling and then a bike trailer converted to a 3-wheeler suitable for sports."
"First strollers, then as the kids got bigger, buggies, about 3 as they broke down."
"It broke down after the 1st child".

So there is no universal answer to this question either. The needs always correspond to a snapshot. Thus, buying a stroller becomes looking into a crystal ball. It is impossible to predict how the child will react to the stroller or what his or her needs will be in one, two or even three years.... This is extremely frustrating, especially since parents are advised in most specialty stores to buy a combination stroller that is supposed to cover all needs from 0-4 years old. In addition, on average between one and a half and three years already the second child knocks. In the worst case, the parents have bought a stroller for four years, but then it may only really fit for the first year and a half.

For precisely these reasons, loopi offers flexible strollers on a subscription basis. This way, parents have exactly what they need at any time and can flexibly exchange or return the stroller if the adventure should continue on foot. Parents can even save quite a bit of money in the process. Don't think so? Then we've put together a few simple calculation examples for you. Of course, there are strollers in every quality and price segment. The following calculation examples are based on new, high-quality premium products, such as those offered by loopi in the stroller subscription.

Saving money with the stroller subscription - a few calculation examples.

(The purchase prices are the cheapest on Google on 14.08.2022)

Example 1:
Purchased combo stroller used for 18 months, then switch to stroller for another 12 months.


Combi stroller Bugaboo Fox 3 1350 CHF (without accessories) = 75 CHF / month.
Buggy Bugaboo Bee 6 950 CHF (without infant carrier) = 80 CHF / month
Total: 2300 CHF


Bugaboo Fox 3 49 CHF / month = 882 CHF
Bugaboo Bee 6 39 CHF / month = 468 CHF
Total: 1350 CHF

The stroller subscription is here about 42% cheaper than a purchase.

Example 2:

Purchased combination stroller used for 24 months, then second child and change to a sibling stroller for another 24 months. Finally, another stroller for second child for 12 months (first child running).


Combi stroller Bugaboo Fox 3 1350 CHF (without accessories) = 57 CHF / month.
Sibling stroller Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo 2000 CHF = 84 CHF / month
Buggy Bugaboo Bee 6 950 CHF = 40 CHF / month
Total: 4300 CHF


Bugaboo Fox 3 49 CHF / month = 1176 CHF
Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo 59 CHF / month = 1416 CHF
Bugaboo Bee 6 39 CHF / month = 468 CHF
Total: 3060 CHF

In example 2, the stroller subscription would save 30% of the costs.

The savings potential is therefore high. In addition, parents in the subscription have unlimited warranty and no strollers standing around in the basement. However, we are only calculating with strollers at the moment. The real hidden costs are in the accessories for the strollers. Once parents have decided on a stroller, the accessories must be compatible. The killer: Most accessories are seasonal.

Hidden costs: stroller accessories

The stroller sales business model is very similar to Gillette's classic Razor-Blade business model. Here, the main product (razor) is relatively inexpensive, but the accessories (razor blade) hit the bottom line all the more. Here are a few examples:

Example: Rain cover
Purchase: 72 CHF
Subscription: Free
Savings = 100%

Example: Car seat adapter (used on average only 6-8 months)

Purchase: 57 CHF
Subscription: 8x3 CHF = 24 CHF
Savings = 58%

Example: Buggy Bee 6 bassinet
(is used on average only 5-7 months)
Purchase: 183 CHF
Subscription: Free
Savings = 100%

Example: Performance Winter Footmuff (used about 6 months per season)

Purchase: 210 CHF
Subscription: 6x9 CHF = 51 CHF
Savings = 76%

The stroller subscription you can flexibly adapt to changing needs of the family. The accessories can be subscribed to as needed, for as long as you need them. This in the quality of a new product and much cheaper. In addition, all services such as repairs are included. You don't have to worry if something goes wrong. In addition, the costs are therefore plannable, in contrast to the purchase. With the stroller subscription, parents can stop calculating and enjoy the time with their children. loopi supports you in this.

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