Which stroller is the best?

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Which stroller is right for me? How do I use a stroller anyway?

Parents are asking these questions at a time when the answer is like looking into a crystal ball. In this article, learn why strollers are needed, what types there are, and which one is best for your baby.

Why is a stroller even important?

A stroller is one of the most expensive things you can buy for your baby. It's a place where your baby can sit safely and comfortably while you're out. For a while he's even your daily companion. You will use the stroller in a wide variety of situations: Whether for a walk in the woods, for shopping in the supermarket, on public transport, on cobbled streets, in the pool - you name it.

When it comes to strollers, there is everything. Check out our blog for some testimonials from parents who have been through it all. Strollers come in all colors and shapes. You have to find out for yourself what you value.

Basically, the following points are decisive when buying a stroller:

First of all, you should make sure that your stroller is sturdy and stable.

  • It should be well sprung so that your baby is not shaken on uneven roads.
  • It should be easy to control. Because you will have to maneuver through a number of tight corners.
  • The stroller must offer enough storage space. You have various things with you: diapers, snacks, toys, your handbag, the shopping bag and much more.
  • It should also be as small and light as possible. So it fits safely in your trunk.
  • The seat should be able to face either way.
  • For walks in the forest, he should have rather large tires, when shopping, small, manoeuvrable variants are more suitable. 

You are rightly asking yourself "And which stroller can do all that?"

Honestly? none. Probably no:e seller:in will ever tell you something like that. Unfortunately, it still works. Around half of all parents are dissatisfied with their first stroller purchase. A quarter of all families own more than three strollers. Why? Strollers meet enormously specific needs that always change in different phases of life. If you're looking for the perfect stroller, you first need to find out which type best suits your lifestyle and needs. Because there are different types that differ in size, weight, functions and price.

The different types of strollers

Combi stroller

A combi stroller is a stroller that can be used with both a seat and an infant carrier. This type of stroller is perfect for parents who travel a lot and need a stroller that is suitable for both the city and longer walks. However, they are usually a bit heavier and less manoeuvrable. Combi strollers also tend to be more expensive than traditional strollers, but they offer a variety of features and benefits that make them a popular choice.


The buggy is a small, light and manoeuvrable version of a pram. Most of the time, the wheels are smaller than in prams and the storage space is also smaller. The buggies are ideal for the city with narrow streets and public transport. Of course, these little speedsters also fit better in your trunk. However, they are often more unstable and less comfortable than station wagons. Another advantage is that children can get on and off independently.

Sports stroller

Pushchairs are about the same size as prams and therefore weigh about the same. They often only have three wheels instead of the classic four. The tires are also large to create a great driving experience. Unlike other strollers, they tend to be bulky and rarely manoeuvrable.

Sibling Car

Sibling strollers are those that can transport a sibling in addition to a baby. Of course, these are also available in the twin version. Seat and infant carrier are either one behind the other or next to each other. The prams are real SUVs and are very similar to the combi prams - just a little bigger.

Which stroller is the best for your baby?

Unfortunately, we can only give you one clear answer here: most parents need more than one stroller to cover all their needs. Only in rare cases do you buy exactly the stroller that fulfills everything and at the same time survives all children. It can also be extremely frustrating: Even if you really like the stroller, that doesn't mean that your child likes to sit in it. It is not uncommon for children to refuse a stroller after 12-16 months.

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