Why a stroller subscription?

By sharing instead of owning, products are used longer and repaired, instead of thrown away. Try it: For our planet and the families of today and tomorrow.


Multiple premium strollers for the price of one. With loopi you've got everything under control (well, almost).

Home delivery

Loopi delivers to your front door free of charge, exactly when you need it.


The subscription is perfectly tailored to your needs, designed to make your life a little easier.


Go ahead, have fun with your stroller, it's meant to be used. Spare parts and repairs are always available.

Early Adopter

You're make a conscious decision not to purchase new. It's the right choice for you - and the environment.

Less waste

The products we've selected can withstand a lot. After they are returned, loopi makes sure that they're ready to roll with the next family.

My Mom said I'm special

Jedes Kind ist einzigartig, genau so wie loopi.
Hier findest du alle Vorteile vom Abo im Überblick.

Subscribe instead of buy

Bugaboo - Fox 3
Bugaboo - Donkey 5
Bugaboo - Bee 6
Bugaboo - Stardust

Not convinced?

You scrolled so far and aren't convinced yet?
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