How do I return loopi items?

We know that returns can sometimes be a hassle, but at loopi we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible for you. We've created explanatory videos for you on how to pack your stroller so that you can get your return done in no time and can get back to other important things.

Illustration of someone watching a video and putting a stroller in a box
Properly pack your stroller

Watch our explanatory videos on how to pack your stroller properly so it arrives undamaged.

Before putting the tape on, please ensure the instruction manual, rain cover and safety bar are included.

Convenient return

The post office will pick up your return on the agreed date at the deposit location specified by you.

As soon as the return has been checked and all outstanding invoices have been paid, we'll send you a confirmation of cancellation by e-mail.

Lost your box?

Lost your box?

Replacement box
Oops, did you accidentally throw away the packaging? No problem, we can send you a new, suitable cardboard box for the return shipment. This way, your stroller will arrive safely and protected. You can order them easily and conveniently here in the store.

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